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Whisky Therapy I

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Take the time to sit with those who enjoy a good dram as much as you with the Whisky Therapy I.
A whisky set comprising of a decanter and whisky drinking glasses. The clear-cut glass decanter is designed for the true whisky aficionado. The glass frame allows you a window to appreciate the whisky’s colour and clarity – speaking volumes of its legacy. The wide rim of the glass is perfected for a whisky drinking experience – giving ample space for the first whiff of alcohol to settle and welcomes you to a full, flavourful sip.

LengthDecanter 10 cm / Glass 9.5 cm

WidthDecanter 10 cm / Glass 9.5 cm

HeightDecanter 4.4 cm / Glass 9 cm

WeightDecanter 1190 gms / Glass 142 gms Per glass

ColorDecanter & Glass - Transparent / Base - Gold

MaterialDecanter & Glass - Crystal Glass / Base - Stainless Steel

Color: Gold
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