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Victor - Limited Edition

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Celebrating 2024’s home décor style - Biophilic homes is the limited edition Victor - from the animal-inspired Bare Instinct collection. With a select number of 100 pieces available this design features in a statement size, for statement homes.

Standing triumphantly, the stallion radiates unmatched majesty, its poised demeanour mirroring an indomitable spirit. Cast in high-density electroformed silver and immortalising an indomitable essence, it beckons you to embark on your quest for greatness. Designed by our in-house atelier, ERBI, this piece is carefully re- imagined with its purposeful stance bringing attention to detail in its structure.
  • Length43 cm
  • Width17 cm
  • Height53 cm
  • Weight10200 gram
  • ColorSilver & Gold
  • MaterialResin & Electroformed Silver
Protect the pieces from water or any additional humidity. Clean with a microfiber cloth.
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