Double-walled for the finest view of your coffee brewing experience, The Dripper comes in the signature Shazé trichoid shape. Accompanied by the specialists - a mesh filter, glass funnel and double-walled cups, this piece is a pour-over resort for coffee aficionados.
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Color: Gold
  • CapacityDripper 720 ml / Cups 270 ml
  • LengthDripper 70.3 mm / Small Dish 119.4 mm/ cup 64.9
  • WidthDripper 68.7 mm / Small Dish 119.4 mm/ Cup 62.9
  • WidthDripper 182 mm / Small Dish 6.1 mm/ Cup 72
  • MaterialBottle Glass - Borosilicate Glass / Funnel with filter - Stainless Steel
  • Thoroughly wash all components before and after use with a mild non-liquid soap. 
  • Wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent water stains.
  • To avoid wear and tear, do not place the product on its rim for drying.
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Pure Pour Over Poetry

The Dripper Image
The Dripper Image
The Dripper Image

Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

Product Material Image 1

What’s Most Im-pour-tant

Almost luminescent in the right light, that dark brew dripping down the clear double-walled borosilicate glass is a visual treat. Perfected to brew-right, the filter allows the coffee to retain essential oils for its rich texture and even coffee extraction.