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Terra's Triumph Set

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The Terra's Triumph Silver & Green Jewellery Set from Shazé’s Hype Me Up Collection reflects a design that’s an ode to avant-garde sensibilities.
Attention to detail is given emphasis in the un-seen arrangement of stones and tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship. The celebration-like charm sparkles through the achromatic and emerald-like hued stones. Structured in a copper frame, the material is a testament to the design’s durability and antimicrobial prowess. Designed to revise dressing rituals, the bracelet and ring set the tone of your ensemble for any event.

Rings -

Length2.3 cm

Width0.9 cm

Height2.3 cm

Weight7 gms

Bracelet -

Length1.2 cm

Width0.3 cm

Height19.4 cm

Weight 26 gms

SetSet of 2

ColorSilver & Green


  • Choose to wear your perfume before wearing your jewellery
  • Protect the pieces from water or any additional humidity
  • Preserve the sheen by securing them in the box

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