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Spirited Get-togethers I

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Here’s an invitation to enjoy high-spirited get-togethers.
The Alchemist spirit decanter features a clear-cut glass frame giving you a window to appreciate the spirit’s colour and clarity. The Mirth, a footed highball glass is designed with a strategic stem to keep your drink chilled and the warmth of the hand at bay. The cylindrical shape of the glass is crafted to hold the flavours of the drink together.

LengthDecanter 10 cm / Glass 5.9 cm

WidthDecanter 10 cm / Glass 5.9 cm

HeightDecanter 4.4 cm / Glass 14.9 cm

WeightDecanter 1410 gms / Glass 112 gms Per glass

ColorDecanter & Glass - Transparent / Base - Gold

MaterialDecanter & Glass - Crystal Glass / Base - Stainless Steel

Color: Gold
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