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Orbit Glow

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More than just travel jewellery, the Orbit Glow earrings, a signature piece from the Floral Miles Collection, are designed to elevate your extraordinary adventures. 

These luminous companions dance with the light, showcasing meticulously folded metalwork and a captivating interplay of prismatic stones. Each stone is hand-selected for its exceptional cut and clarity, creating an almost ethereal halo effect when worn. This strategic arrangement of stones embodies what we call "celestial whimsy," a touch of magic for your journey.

  • Length4 cm
  • Width4 cm
  • Height2.4 cm
  • Weight29 gms
  • MaterialBrass
  • ColorMulti Color

  • Choose to wear your perfume before wearing your jewellery
  • Protect the pieces from water or any additional humidity
  • Preserve the sheen by securing them in the box

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