An ode to avant-garde design, the Jade's Jive Silver & Green Jewellery Set from Shazé’s Hype Me Up features a contrast in cut stones and colour. Detailed attention is given to the unique arrangement of stones, telling its story of meticulous craftsmanship. Creating its celebration-like sparkle are the prismatic achromatic and emerald-like hued stones. Firmly structured in copper, the piece stands testament to its durability and antimicrobial prowess. Designed to do the dressing up for you, the earrings, bracelet and ring come together to define the statement of your chosen ensemble.

Mind Behind the Design

  • The avant-garde silhouette given its due with an 18K gold plating
  • Set with river-etched pearls sculpted by grit and moonbeams
  • Fire-birthed stones with each facet as a prismatic supernova

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