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Confident in its minimalistic design, the Felicity Golden Ring stands as a statement piece from the Everywhere I Pose Collection by Shazé. 

Mirroring true craftsmanship, this Italian crafted piece is given centre stage with its 18K gold cloak. The fire-born stones, individually selected and thoughtfully placed, proudly hold character on the architecture-inspired piece. The thoughtfully crafted detailing is raised to highlight the Victorian-inspired aesthetic it owns. Beyond being a mere adornment, the Felicity Golden Ring transcends the ordinary, emerging as a modern heirloom designed to elevate every statement ensemble.

  • Choose to wear your perfume before wearing your jewellery
  • Protect the pieces from water or any additional humidity
  • Preserve the sheen by securing them in the box

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₹ 5,900.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)