A design out-of-the-ordinary, the Diadem Dreams Golden Earrings features as a member of the Everywhere I Pose Collection by Shazé. The European design selectively given its due in 18K gold plating. Organically shaped, water-etched pearls own their presence on the Victorian-inspired frame. Fire-birthed stones create a prismatic detailing within the latticework. A modern-heirloom if you will, the piece comes with a signature Shazé statement in design.

Mind Behind the Design

  • The avant-garde silhouette given its due with an 18K gold plating
  • Set with river-etched pearls sculpted by grit and moonbeams
  • Fire-birthed stones with each facet as a prismatic supernova

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  • Length3.5 cm
  • Width1.8 cm
  • Height5.2 cm
  • Weight22 g
  • MaterialBrass
  • ColorMulticolor
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