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Derby II

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The Derby II is a walking stick designed for both comfort and elegance. Its defining feature is the curved handle, shaped like a refined shepherd's crook. 

This ergonomic design cradles your hand, distributing weight evenly and reducing strain on your wrist. Crafted from Italian wood, the Derby exudes a timeless quality. The smooth, curved handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip, while the sturdy shaft provides reliable support. Whether you're navigating a bustling city street or a scenic countryside path, the Derby II walking stick offers stability on every step of your journey.
  • Length12 cm
  • Width3 cm
  • Height95 cm
  • Weight310 gms
  • MaterialResin
  • ColorSilver
Protect the pieces from water or any additional humidity. Preserve the sheen by securing them in the box when not in use.
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