Hosting is your time together, and only sui generis barware would truly make the cut. Designed to be a true aficionado’s companion, this whisky decanter is part-bar-piece, part-collectible giving you the chance to appreciate the colour and clarity of your finest blends.
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Color: Gold
  • Length10cm
  • Width10cm
  • Height4.4cm
  • Weight1.19kg
  • MaterialDecanter - Crystal Glass / Base - Stainless Steel
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For Get-togethers that Ripple with Joy

Alpha with the Arch Image
Alpha with the Arch Image
Alpha with the Arch Image

Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

Product Material Image 1

It’s a Material World

The hand-blown glass creates its seamlessly fluid frame. The wave-like Arch upholds drinks and choices with its reflective finish.

Product Material Image 1

Thought infused with algorithmic precision

The lead-free frame of the decanter is broadened at the bottom to balance every pour. The seemingly weightless decanter creates its illusion through its balletic base which rests atop its reflective wave-like base. We bring back the detailed gloss zamac topper with its glass stopper that coherently fits into the sleek neck.