Quantum Peg Measurer


The Quantum shot measures come in the Shazé-signature trichoid shape. The distinguished medallists echo a sweeping finish on their gold, silver and bronze frames. Each measured up to match master mixology skills

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Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

Measure Your Good Times

Three glasses of brush-finished stainless steel are shaped to precisely pour out to the last drop for an accurate measure. With their rounded base and tricoid mouth, they are engineered for ease of pouring. Of course, we’re making it competitive with the gold, silver, and bronze measure according to the size of the drink you request.

A Tray So They Don’t Stray

The perfectly casted Zamac tray is a flamboyant, two-tone podium to showcase these masterpieces. With chrome-finished sides and a gold-finished, stainless steel, centre panel, it truly ‘steels’ the show.