Meet Yangdup Lama Meet Yangdup Lama

Meet Yangdup Lama

India's Foremost Mixologist

Recently inducted as a "Keeper of the Quaich”, entrepreneur, published author of a cocktail book (Cocktails & Dreams) and co-owner of award winning bars Sidecar, and Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy, Yangdup Lama is one of India’s foremost beverage professionals. Yangdup is also the brains behind Cocktails & Dreams bar school (Estd 2003) providing holistic training for aspiring bar professionals as well as bar and beverage consultancy services.

The Shazé Glassware Collection

The glassware collection by Shazé in collaboration with me has been created keeping in mind some very important factors to help elevate the drinks experience for all our patrons, from straight whiskies to the elegant Martinis. It is elegant yet casual, complex yet approachable but most importantly it is user friendly and caters to the customer needs in more than one ways. The range and variety of glassware are basic must haves at all home bars and covers all drink requirements. Happy to have worked to bring this to life!

Making Hosting Personal

Hosting is the most important way of expressing or defining one's character in more than many ways. When we host our friends, family and clients, it tells a lot about ourselves, our ethos and principles and allows our guests to infuse and enjoy our offerings to the fullest while we create a stronger and happier bonding with all of them. The sincere warmth with which we host people become engraved in their minds forever and become the most happy memories of their lives.