The Celebratory Drink for Sunday Brunches The Celebratory Drink for Sunday Brunches

Meet Vikas Uppal

When a cocktail connoisseur loves to uplift spirits, you call him @theoldfashionedmonk. Vikas Uppal is an expert mixologist who makes it his life’s mission to whip up top-shelf cocktails that go down easy and send spirits soaring. Watch him take you through simple steps to create a very unique Shazé Spritz-tini. Made with:

  • Aperol (35 ml)
  • Vodka (35 ml)
  • Prosecco to top up
  • Orange with a garnish of orange peel

This Shazé cocktail is delightful to serve to guests at your next house party.

What makes a great mix even greater are your bar tools to support the process. Pick ergonomic efficiency coupled with design brilliance and a touch of theatrics, and you’ve got yourself a head-turner.

“The right palette and tools crafted for precision is everything you need to design your mixology playground.” – Vikas aka @theoldfashionedmonk