Masala Cha PotMasala Cha Pot


A sleek rendition of the brewing tea pot, Cha by Shazé features a matte black finish and an accent handle for an easy pour. Bringing friends and the design together are complimenting tea cups that come as part of this teapot set.

Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

Black Masala Cha Pot

Minimalistic Flamboyance at Its Heart

Hosting to us is all about fluency tempered with functional ease. This Shazé piece is crafted with a minimalistic flamboyant look to serve their purpose with efficiency.

Black Masala Cha Pot

A Focus On Engineered Craftsmanship

The premium-grade stainless steel body is finished with a matte black coating and contrasting gold lid detailed with a symmetrical design. The ergonomic handle takes form to ensure a controlled pour and convenient handling of the pot.

Black Masala Cha Pot
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