The Cru

Hosting is your time together, and only sui generis barware would truly make the cut. The Cru meaning vineyard, is represented through this glass wine decanter. Perfected in shape to elevate the flavours of the wine, this piece of barware is an essential when drinking wine.

Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

It’s a Material World

The high-grade glass constructs the contours of its frame. The aluminium finned-base provides the required sturdiness despite its lightweight nature.

Thought infused with algorithmic precision

Every element of this wine decanter has been thoughtfully infused in its design. Beginning with the rippling aerator at the top to open the flavours of the wine when poured both in and out. The wide-base gives the wine a chance to aerate as it sits within the glass frame.

Crystal Glass Wine decanter - Shazé
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