Meet Vinayak

Vinayak, has 16 years of experience in investment management & capital markets spanning over three countries – France, India and Singapore. Vinayak has built his knowledge and understanding about all things whisky and spirited by visiting over 50 whisky distilleries in Scotland and multiple whisky bars around the world. Vinayak along with his friend Swati Sharma, started The Dram Club in 2019 to make whisky fun and democratic in India.

The Shazé Take

“Shazé glassware enhances your fine whiskey and spirit experiences by skilfully blending flamboyance and drama with innovative practicality, elevating each sip to new heights.”

Making Hosting Personal

“The joy of hosting lies in the beautiful opportunity to create memorable experiences with our guests. One of the most rewarding aspects of hosting is being able to share my passion for whisky with them. As we taste different whiskies together, we not only indulge in a sensory pleasure but also bond over shared experiences and stories that deepen our understanding of this remarkable spirit. There's a certain magic in watching their faces light up as they discover new favourites, and it's incredibly gratifying to know that I've played a part in fostering their appreciation for this exquisite spirit. In this way, the joy of hosting transcends beyond just sharing good food and conversation, but also encompasses the delightful exchange of knowledge and experiences that truly enriches our connections with one another.”