What Happens When Thoughtfulness Meets Design?

What Happens When Thoughtfulness Meets Design?

In the dynamic realm of design, the fusion of thoughtfulness and creativity is reshaping perspectives. A study by Stanford University found that thoughtfulness enhances cognitive flexibility and innovation, crucial elements in design thinking. In fact, 81% of designers believe that mindfulness positively impacts their creative process, as reported in a survey by the Design Management Institute. This convergence not only cultivates a more focused and empathetic design approach but also contributes to a 48% increase in overall design effectiveness, according to industry reports. So where does mindfulness meet design really?

Attention to Detail: Mindful designers pay attention to the details of their creations, ensuring that each element serves a purpose and contributes to the overall experience. This attention to detail extends to the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and the overall aesthetics.

How do we do it?

To the likes of coffee enthusiasts, The Blendist, a French press coffee maker from our brew-ware collection is designed with a temperature gauge, an ergonomic handle & food grade safe glass carafe. Each to ensure, the coffee is brewed to the perfect flavour, poured conveniently with an easy hold, and the brewing process of the finest grind admired – like a welcome to soak in the sublime moment.

Ethical Design Practices:

 Thoughtful designing involves ethical considerations throughout the design process. For instance, a scented candle may seem like nothing more than soft lighting for the home. When in-fact safety regulations for humans & environment are in order when creating these.


How do we do it?

To ensure the highest standards, our scented candles are subjected to a quality check & REACH Compliant as per European standards.

User Well-Being: 

Thoughtful designers prioritize the well-being of the end-users, seeking to enhance not only functionality but also the emotional and psychological aspects of the user experience.

How do we do it?

Tea-drinkers often admire its calming effects. Welcoming them to savour this special moment is the Cha tea pot set. Coated in matte black to tap into the anticipation of the final brew, an ergonomic handle to easily pour it and two accompanying cups, to welcome a conversation.  

Thoughtful Innovation:

 Thoughtful designing involves an innovative mindset that goes beyond trends. It takes an existing piece and breathes magic into it by catering to unsaid; tapping into the specifics.

How do we do it?

Imagine if a water kettle could measure the temperature of the water for you so you can brew your specific tea or coffee at the temperature it’s truly meant to be brewed at. That’s how The Steamcatcher came to be.

We believe a true work of design goes against the norm to surprise and stir an emotion, all while elevating the experience with every interaction.

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