The Rise of Underground Restaurants: Bringing People Together

The Rise of Underground Restaurants: Bringing People Together

Every year the restaurant industry pushes the envelope on culinary creativity. Elevating this indulgence to an experience is conviviality. According to a study, 72% of diners choose where they want to eat based on what they're craving. Lighting also plays a role, with diners being 16-24% more likely to order healthy food in well-lit restaurants. And for those looking for a unique experience, secret dining events are becoming increasingly popular, where chefs and fine dining dishes take over untraditional and often secret locations, creating an intimate and convivial atmosphere shared with strangers.

Diner en Blanc, Paris

One among Paris’ most sought after clandestine events is the by-invite all-white affair, the Diner en Blanc. From decoration to dress code, the theme – all white. Organised annually in June, people come together at a public venue in Paris to indulge in a day of sheer merriment and summer fun. The details of the event are shared almost last minute and guests are invited to carry their own furniture, crockery and cutlery in order to participate.

Home Restaurants, Italy

Home based restaurants is a popular concept in Rome or even in parts of Italy. Both beginner and professional chefs come together to prepare a variety of Italian delicacies. This is done to welcome local tourists who are truly seeking the authentic regional cuisine served with an underground experience. Often the experience coverts into a master class of its own as the chefs generously share recipes and welcome the tourists to join in on the cooking experience.

Supper Clubs, Berlin

Caroline Grinsted and Tobias Zeller blazed the trail for the supper club scene in Berlin with their brainchild, Thyme Supper Club. New to the city the couple realised the best way to connect with people is to host a supper club. They kept it simple – book yourself a table online, visit the place and make great conversation. The guests are welcomed to dine at the long dinner table and are served wine along with the food. From then on there was no turning back for the couple, nor Thyme Supper Club. The word passed around about this underground restaurant and now, even their event dates are announced only to those on their mailing list.

Spring Street Social Society, New York

A secret society that welcomes its guests to not just the food but a time of fun. The venue for the event stays undecided until the day itself. Guests are expected to expect everything from a murder mystery dinner organized in the post office to a straight up sit down dinner at a retail showroom in the heart of the city. There are only 2 ways to get in on the fun – private membership or signing up for their guest list.

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