No time for cheesy lines, here’s a simple statement for your cheese tasting events. Made for elaborate arrangements as three cheese knives find their groove in the recesses of the Acacia wood.
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Color: Orange
  • LengthCheese Board 431.8 mm/ Cheisel Knife 111 mm/ Cheese Fork 109 mm/ Soft Cheese Knife 109.4 mm
  • WidthCheese Board 231.2 mm/ Cheisel Knife 54.1 mm/ Cheese Fork 30.5 mm/ Soft Cheese Knife 27 mm
  • HeightCheese Board 14.8 mm/ Cheisel Knife 7 mm/ Cheese Fork 7 mm/ Soft Cheese Knife 7 mm
  • MaterialCheese Board - Wood / Cheisel Knife - Stainless Steel & Silicon / Cheese Fork - Stainless Steel & Silicon / Soft Cheese Knife - Stainless Steel & Silicon

For The Knives :

  • Hand wash the knives with soapy water.
  • Avoid using a scrubber or lemon-based detergents.

For The Cheese Board :

  • Wipe it after every use with a slightly wet cloth.
  • If you must wash it under running water, ensure it is laid flat and dried immediately
  • Dry thoroughly before storing.
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Hosting That Makes Hearts Melt

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Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

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Its ‘Gouda’ Be Epic

Milled Acacia wood forms this heavy-duty platter with its patterned back. Stainless steel serves the specialty equipment – a cheese fork and two knives. Securing your hold with their silicon lining.