A great spread is only as good as the well served appetizers – where temperature makes the gastronomic difference, and plating, a visual one. This dynamically curved platter with its temperature - prolonging soapstones will have everyone wondering what's under that hood.
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Color: Gold
  • Length33.5 cm
  • Width16.2 cm
  • Height33.6 cm
  • Set2 Sets
  • MaterialStainless Steel
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You’ve Been Served

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Matériau du produit et brillance de fabrication

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It’s A Material World After All

Owing to its high-gloss reflectiveness is the PVD finish, and food-grade stainless steel. The undulating indents allow for creative plating while adding to the aesthetics of the piece.

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Meet The Future

The ingenuity of this platter lies in its hidden cavity. It allows one to place heated or chilled soapstones within it to prolong the temperature of what is served. The base plate and the lid seamlessly come together to hold your appetizers and desserts with care.