This signature piece from Shazé's Everywhere I Pose Collection embodies a confident minimalism, crafted with the design born from European imagination. The meticulously detailed form, radiant in 18K gold, reflects the legacy of craftsmanship while embracing the future. Fire-born stones, each meticulously nurtured and placed, proudly pose against the architectural form in a symphony of understated brilliance. Their presence echoes the Victorian era's spirit, reimagined for the modern maven. More than an adornment, the Minerva Golden Ring transcends the ordinary. A modern heirloom designed to elevate every statement ensemble.

Mind Behind the Design

  • The avant-garde silhouette given its due with an 18K gold plating
  • Set with river-etched pearls sculpted by grit and moonbeams
  • Fire-birthed stones with each facet as a prismatic supernova

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