A statement for unforgettable entrances, the Ingress Golden Earrings from the Everywhere I Pose Collection by Shazé comes with a signature European design. Its proud detailed form is given its due in 18K gold plating. Carefully nurtured water etched pearls create confident detailing with their seamless silhouettes against the Victorian architectural frames. A modern-heirloom if you will, the piece comes with a signature Shazé statement in design.

Mind Behind the Design

  • The avant-garde silhouette given its due with an 18K gold plating
  • Set with river-etched pearls sculpted by grit and moonbeams
  • Fire-birthed stones with each facet as a prismatic supernova

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  • Length1.4 cm
  • Width1.8 cm
  • Height3.5 cm
  • Weight18 gms
  • MaterialBrass
  • ColorGolden
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