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Prix habituel ₹ 3,375.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Prix habituel ₹ 4,500.00 (Inclusive of all taxes) Prix promotionnel ₹ 3,375.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)
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Shazé's Sundowner Secrets Collection defies conventions with the Enigma Silver Hoop Earrings. 

This design transcends expectations, introducing a new language in jewellery. Delicate details intertwine with negative space, revealing an alluring pattern within the open silhouette. Challenging tradition, carefully placed fire-born stones encourage a departure from the usual, inviting you to embrace a bold and unconventional expression in your jewellery choices.
  • Length0.7 cm
  • Width4.4 cm
  • Height4.4 cm
  • Weight16 gms
  • MaterialBrass
  • ColorWhite

  • Choose to wear your perfume before wearing your jewellery
  • Protect the pieces from water or any additional humidity
  • Preserve the sheen by securing them in the box

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