Meet Nikhil Agarwal

Founder & CEO of ‘All Things Nice’

Expert Take: Nikhil Agarwal on Elevating Your Dinner Parties with a Decanter

Nikhil Agarwal is a celebrated whiskey sommelier and the Founder & CEO of ‘All Things Nice’ famed for its events in the wines and spirits space. With over 17 years of experience, Nikhil has sampled over 100 brands of whiskey and 1000 flavours that go with it.

Yes, there’s more to whiskey flavours than just “smokey”. Like there’s more to serving whiskey than just pouring it out of a bottle. We served some great whiskey to Nikhil in The Cage, our signature whiskey decanter and for the next few minutes, his eyes were fixated on its ergonomics and playful theatrics. Hear him opine on the functionality of the Shaze decanter and how it raises the bar of hosting etiquette.

Aside from our decanter being made from lead-free crystal, its conical base rests only in the gilded stand. The fins are built with algorithmic precision to instinctively open and close automatically as the decanter is lifted or rested in its gilded depths. Why the drama, you ask? Why not! We say, What’s not to love when your barware receives those coveted second glances and the vivid interest of guests?

Because ordinary doesn’t cut it.

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