Coactive Partnership Solutions


When signature homes have become your statement, it’s time to make the welcome too. Our statement designs make tasteful interiors, and it’s no doubt how warm a welcome it is to the new home-owner.

homes have become your statement

Cafes & Restaurants

The warmest welcomes are the most inviting ones. So besides the Shazé bar/tea/coffee trolley with its experiential display of products, welcome guests to try some of the most exclusive selection in beverages from your collection.


A bright sip of an Ethiopian blend or a soothing cup of Chamomile tea, makes a world of a difference to the guests you welcome to stay. Elevate their stay to a suite one.

Party Memorables

Share delightful memorables from Shazé with your guests at the end of a cocktail night or a hosting dinner, as an expression of a sweet see you again.

Boardroom & Bashments

Let’s toast together to the most important moments in your life. Be it weddings, business launches and conferences; we’re here to help you raise your glasses at your most special events.