The Skew

A hosting must-have that floats the boat with its nautical form, ergonomic design, and muted flamboyance. This porcelain platter’s appetizer cavity, attached dip cavity, and four oar-like, gilded skewers, are a complete plating delight. 

appetizer platter
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Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

The Ripple Effect

The design of the platter ergonomically helps collect residue from your starters at the bottom of the indentation, preventing smearing across the board. The PVD-coated, gold skewers allow you to easily pick that tasty titbit in an ‘awe’-resting fashion.

Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

skew platter

Naut to be Missed

Hand-painted in liquid gold, the rim of this porcelain platter adds to its novelty. A nautical, infinity-like form connects the appetizer plate to the dip bowl for ease of handling.