The Alchemist

Complex engineering and physical ingenuity dramatically create this crystal decanter. Its ballerina stance seemingly floats over a rippling, anchor-like base. Alongside which the high-shine zamac cork stopper and metal neck tag create astonishing accents across the glass form.

Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

wine decanter for bar

Form & Function Considered

Designed keeping in mind ergonomics, the decanter allows for a sturdy pour while seemingly floating atop the base when resting. Adding a contrast to the transparency of the form and spirit within is the detailed gloss zamac topper with its cork stopper. The lead-free crystal ensures your bubbly drinks from going flat.

wine decanter for bar home

Base-ically Perfect

The unique tricoid base is one heavy-duty hunk of steel. Weighing almost 4 kilos, this helps the decanter’s seemingly weightless stance without the worry of tipping, dragging, or breaking. The rippled, casted Zamac base is electroplated to achieve the swoon-worthy two-tone look, adding to the minimalistic flamboyance of the piece.

alchemist decanter
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