Chromatic Revelry - Host a Culinary Journey through the Seasons

Chromatic Revelry - Host a Culinary Journey through the Seasons

As the vibrant hues of the season begin to paint the world around us, there's no better time to host a celebration that mirrors the kaleidoscope of colours that nature so graciously offers. The world of Chromatic Revelry is a welcome to an exploration of the art of infusing vibrant colours not only into your decor and attire but also into the heart of your culinary experience. To help you host better, we at Shazé have curated a celebratory menu to celebrate the moment and the season.

Appetizers: Palette Teasers


Serve Sun-Kissed Caprese Skewers

Mini skewers featuring vibrant yellow cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and delicate mozzarella balls, drizzled with a balsamic reduction. The burst of colours on the plate mimics the warmth of a sunlit garden.

Pair the Sun-Kissed Caprese Skewers with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc to complement the fresh flavours of the tomatoes and basil, creating a refreshing and balanced start to your feast.


Holi-special  Holi-special


Emerald Zucchini Spirals

Thin zucchini ribbons delicately wrapped around a filling of herbed goat cheese, creating a dish that pays homage to the lush greenery of spring.

Pair the Emerald Zucchini Spirals with a light Pinot Grigio, enhancing the creaminess of the herbed goat cheese and allowing the delicate zucchini flavours to shine. 

Main Course: Harvest Symphony

Holi-special  Holi-special

Crimson Harvest Risotto

An autumn-inspired risotto featuring roasted butternut squash, earthy beets, and a hint of nutmeg, creating a rich and velvety dish that reflects the deep red tones of fall foliage.

Pair the Crimson Harvest Risotto with a medium-bodied Merlot, its velvety texture and subtle tannins complementing the richness of the dish without overpowering the nuanced flavours of the beets and butternut squash.

 Holi-special Holi-special

Saffron-Lemon Chicken Medley

A lively dish combining succulent saffron-infused chicken with a medley of seasonal vegetables, capturing the warmth and brightness of a summer day.

Pair the Saffron-Lemon Chicken Medley with a dry Riesling, its bright acidity cutting through the savoury notes of the saffron-infused chicken, creating a harmonious balance.

Desserts: Sweet Finale in Technicolor


Azure Blueberry Parfait

Layers of fluffy blueberry mousse, vanilla cream, and almond crumble, creating a dessert that mirrors the deep blue skies of a crisp winter morning.


Golden Mango Sorbet

A refreshing sorbet made with ripe golden mangoes, accented by a drizzle of passion fruit coulis, embodying the golden glow of a summer sunset.

 Pair your dessert with a dessert wine such as Moscato, enhancing the fruity notes of the Azure Blueberry Parfait and the Golden Mango Sorbet.

 Cocktail Symphony: A Symphony of Sips


Ruby Rose Sangria

A delightful concoction of red wine, pomegranate juice, and a medley of berries, creating a vibrant and refreshing sangria that captures the essence of a blooming rose garden.

Turmeric Tonic Elixir

A golden elixir featuring turmeric-infused gin, ginger syrup, and a splash of citrus, paying homage to the warm and spicy notes of fall.


Hosting a celebration inspired by the colours and flavours of the season is not merely an event; it's a sensory experience that immerses your guests in the beauty of nature's palette. From appetizers that tease the palate to main courses that paint a harvest symphony and desserts that provide a sweet finale, each dish contributes to the vibrant tapestry of your celebration. Accompanied by thoughtfully paired cocktails and wines, your culinary journey becomes a masterpiece, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and making your gathering a truly unforgettable experience.







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