Meet Radhika Batra Shah

Founder of Radhika’s Fine Teas & Whatnots

Perfecting The Morning Brew With Radhika Batra Shah

Radhika Batra Shah is a lauded tea sommelier and Founder of Radhika’s Fine Teas & Whatnots. Lead by her love, she’s been scouring the world in search of the finest teas and tisanes to create imaginative brews.Watch her share a morning cup while she takes you through the basics of brewing it with finesse.

Her trusty companions in the process are the Shazé Brewmaster and The Steamcatcher along with a relaxing, organic Darjeeling White Tea. Both these brewware essentials are precise in their functionality, unique in their design, and engineered for absolute user comfort. So, settle back with your own cup and join this tête-à-tête with Radhika.