What inspired us to make a Ram Darbar?

What inspired us to make a Ram Darbar?

The Renaissance.

Step into the realm of our modern rendition of the Ram Darbar is akin to experiencing a renaissance. It's a captivating encounter where an iconic story, whispered through centuries, receives a fresh interpretation. This piece transcends mere decoration; it's a statement of authenticity, a bridge between a 12th-century art form and the marvels of modern ingenuity.


The Homecoming of an Artform

Pattachitra, the art form that breathes life into the Ram Darbar, speaks a lineage that stretches back to the 12th century. Pioneered by the skilled hands of Odiya chitrakaras or painters, Pattachitra has always celebrated the beauty of hand-painted narratives. Traditionally adorning cloth, or "patta," these vibrant depictions brim with stories from mythology and folklore. Shazé boldly reimagines this tradition, translating the timeless tale of Ramayana onto a wooden canvas.


The Ram Darbar itself portrays the quintessential scene of Rama's coronation. Here, the righteous Rama, surrounded by his devoted wife Sita, the ever-watchful Lakshmana, and the ever-revered Hanuman, is presented in all his glory. So we decided to take this rendition beyond a mere replica. We decided to celebrate the time-honoured traditions of Pattachitra – the meticulous brushstrokes, the vibrant colors– while simultaneously embracing the possibilities of modern engineering. The result? A tableau that's both authentic and innovative.

However, we truly chose to set ourselves apart is by taking this well-established narrative and presenting it in a completely new light. The wooden canvas allows for a level of detail and depth often unseen in traditional Pattachitra pieces. The intricate borders, painstakingly rendered, add a layer of detail to the scene.

Ultimately, our modern Ram Darbar isn't simply a decorative object. It's a conversation starter, a gateway to a rich cultural heritage. Owning a piece like this is akin to owning a slice of history, a reminder of the enduring power of storytelling. It's a testament to the enduring human spirit that continues to create and celebrate beauty, bridging the gap between centuries with unwavering passion.


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