The Agave Rhapsody: Experience the 4-Day Melody of Culture and Taste

The Agave Rhapsody: Experience the 4-Day Melody of Culture and Taste

The Agave Heritage Festival proudly commemorates its 15th year, devoted to unveiling the rich cultural, sustainable, and commercial importance of the agave plant transcending borders. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Tucson, AZ, known as the ultimate haven for "all things agave," this four-day extravaganza is a destination to visit. With its roots firmly planted in exploring the profound influence of agave and borderland culture, the festival presents a captivating array of events that place sustainability at the forefront.

The Agave Heritage Festival unites agave enthusiasts and professionals alike, fostering a deep appreciation for its cultural heritage while embracing sustainable practices. The event welcomes you to immerse yourself in enlightening seminars, where experts delve into the intricacies of agave. Experience the time-honoured tradition of agave pit roasting, witnessing the artistry that brings out its unique flavors. Indulge in the finest agave spirits, as tastings led by industry leaders and spirits professionals guide you through a journey of refined palates. Prepare to be tantalized by world-class culinary events curated by culinary visionaries, enticing your senses with exceptional gastronomic delights.

The 2023 festival leaves a lasting impact, highlighting the region's climate-smart commodities and affirming Tucson as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. An Agave Renaissance Summit and 20+ collaborative culinary experiences solidify this status. Beyond celebrating agave spirits, the festival aims to educate the community on the importance of supporting quality producers for the long-term preservation of the agave plant. Until very recently did we have the tequila trend dip and rise with an intermediate craze for mazcal. But here’s Bacanora - a regional mezcal that’s been produced in the northwest Mexican state of Sonora for at least 300 years.

What’s Bacanora?

Made in the state of Sononra, Bacanora comes from a special agave plant, indigenous to the region known as Angustifolia Haw, or agave Pacifica. Originating from the traditional practices of the indigenous Opata people, Bacanora emerged as a rustic concoction. Harvested from the untamed wilderness, the agave hearts were meticulously roasted with mesquite wood in earthen pits, then expertly mashed and left to undergo fermentation.

Is it any different from tequila?

While tequila is made only blue weber agave, bacanora uses only agave yaquina and pacifica.

Is it any different from mezcal?

Mezcal on the other hand can be distilled from a dozen of different agaves. Bacanora falls under the category of mezcals and is considered a lot less smoky than the rest.

How strong is bacanora?

Aged in American White Oak barrels bacanora comes with a 40% ABV.

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