#LetsGetTogether over whisky

The Dram Discovery

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dram club whisky tasting

Blind whisky tasting

A memorable experience of our blind tasting event, with The Dram Club at Smoke House Deli, Bandra. Participants swirled their glasses and carefully tasted each whisky with a sip. Conversations flowed endlessly as each one challenged the other in discovering the aromas, taste and other whisky nuances.

Whiskies From Around the World

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whisky tasting glass

Whiskies From Around the World

Exploring whiskies from around the world with The Dram Club at Salt Water Café, Bandra. On the table was an assortment of Bourbon, Irish, Indian, Scotch, and Japanese whiskies with a special menu created to complement each whisky by Chef Gresham Fernandes.

Exploring the 3 Great Grants

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Launch of the Glen Grant Trilogy

Launching the Glen Grant trilogy with The Dram Club at Olive, Bandra. The three whiskies unveiled that evening were – Glen Grant 10, Glen Grant 12 and the Glen Grant Arboralis. Each uniquely distinct in flavour profile, served with a delectable selection of appetizers and cheese to compliment them.

The Bushmills Dessert Pairing

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Whisky meets Dessert

Pairing 2 of Bushmills’ finest with complimenting desserts to find a sweet symphony of nuances. Bushmills – The Original – a triple distilled, matured in both bourbon & sherry casks is paired with Cirqa’s Orange Marmalade and Chocolate Mousse and Crème Caramel & Jaggery Sichuan to pronounce the fresh fruit notes and the lovely vanilla expression. The Bushmills 12YO – a stunning amber whisky pairs like a dream with a Blueberry & Almond Cake, while proving to be bold and intriguing when paired with the Dark Chocolate & Cherry Sundae Soy Caramel.

stunning amber whisky pairs