Beers from Around the Globe that are Worth a Shot


Beers from Around the Globe that are Worth a Shot

The world of beer is a captivating tapestry woven with a rich diversity of flavors, aromas, and brewing traditions from various corners of the globe. Beyond the familiar lagers and ales that dominate many markets, there exists a captivating realm of unique beer types that reflect the cultures, ingredients, and histories of their places of origin. From the far-reaching landscapes of Japan to the quaint breweries of Belgium and the vibrant markets of Mexico, beer enthusiasts are treated to a global journey through taste and tradition.

In this exploration of international beer types, we venture beyond the ordinary and delve into the extraordinary. Each beer type carries a distinctive story, a flavor profile that often tells tales of local ingredients, ancient brewing methods, and the innovative spirits of modern craft brewers. Here are some of our top favourites.

  • Yuzu Beer: Originating from Japan, yuzu beer is made with the addition of yuzu fruit, a citrus fruit that adds a tangy and aromatic flavor to the beer.


  • Saison: Hailing from Belgium, saisons are farmhouse ales known for their fruity and spicy flavors, often with a hint of earthiness. They were traditionally brewed in the winter to be consumed by farm workers in the summer.


  • Gose: This German-style sour wheat beer has a slightly salty and tart taste due to the addition of coriander and salt. It's both refreshing and unique.


  • Rauchbier: Coming from Germany, specifically Bamberg, rauchbier is a smoked beer. It's made by drying malted barley over an open flame, which imparts a distinctive smoky flavor.


  • Lambic: This Belgian style involves spontaneous fermentation, using wild yeast from the environment. It results in complex and tart flavors. Fruit lambics, like cherry (kriek) or raspberry (framboise), are also popular.


  • Chicha: Originating from various South American countries, chicha is made using various grains or fruits, often including maize. It can be found in both fermented and non-fermented forms.


  • Kvass: Commonly found in Russia and other Eastern European countries, kvass is a low-alcohol beverage made from fermented bread. It has a tangy and slightly sweet taste.
  • Bière de Garde: This French farmhouse ale is brewed in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. It can be pale, amber, or brown, and often has a malty and fruity character.
  • Oud Bruin: Also known as Flanders Brown Ale, this Belgian style is characterized by its dark color, fruity sweetness, and mild sourness. It's a blend of young and aged ales.
  • Tepache: Popular in Mexico, tepache is a fermented beverage made from pineapple peels, spices, and sugar. It's often served as a refreshing street drink.
  • Kölsch: Originating from Cologne, Germany, Kölsch is a pale, crisp beer with a mild hop character. It's typically served in small, cylindrical glasses.
  • Sake Beer: This is a fusion of beer and sake, originating from Japan. It combines the brewing techniques of both beverages, resulting in a unique flavor profile.


  • Chimay: Brewed by Trappist monks in Belgium, Chimay beers are known for their rich flavors and high alcohol content. They come in different varieties like Red, White, and Blue, each with its own characteristics.
  • Pilsner: Originating from the Czech city of Pilsen, Pilsner beers are known for their pale color, crisp taste, and balanced bitterness. They're a staple of the lager category.


These are just a few examples of the diverse and fascinating beer types from around the world. Each culture and region brings its own unique ingredients and brewing traditions to create a wide array of flavors and styles.


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