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Specialty Coffee Deserves Specialty Attention: Here’s How to Extract the Best from Your Coffee


When it comes to coffee brewing, the grind size plays a pivotal role in determining the flavour, aroma, and overall quality of your brew. Whether you prefer pour-over, French press, espresso, drip coffee, or cold brew, understanding the basics of coffee grind sizes can help you elevate your coffee game. In this guide, we will delve into the world of brewing course, medium, and fine grinds to ensure you brew the perfect cup every time.

clean and vibrant cup of pour-over coffeeclean and vibrant cup of pour-over coffee

Pour-Over Coffee:

Pour-over coffee enthusiasts know the importance of a medium grind. A medium grind allows for a controlled extraction process, striking a balance between the coarse and fine grinds. It resembles the texture of kosher salt and ensures a steady and even flow of water through the coffee grounds. This results in a clean and vibrant cup of pour-over coffee that highlights the unique flavours of your coffee beans.

French Press Coffee:

French press coffee, on the other hand, thrives on a coarser grind. The coarse grind resembles breadcrumbs or sea salt crystals. The reason behind this preference is the longer brewing time in a French press. A coarse grind prevents over-extraction, giving you a rich and full-bodied cup of French press coffee with a satisfying depth of flavour.

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Espresso, the heart of many coffee lovers, demands a fine grind. The texture should be similar to table salt. This fineness is essential because espresso brewing is quick, usually taking just 25-30 seconds. A fine grind ensures that the water passes through the coffee grounds swiftly, resulting in the concentrated shot of pure coffee goodness that defines espresso.

Drip Coffee:

For drip coffee makers, a medium grind is typically recommended. It strikes a balance between extraction time and flavour. The medium grind ensures that the water flows evenly through the grounds in the drip basket, resulting in a well-rounded and flavourful cup of coffee.

espresso cup set espresso cup set

Cold Brew:

Cold brew aficionados favour a coarse grind. This grind size facilitates a slow extraction process, as cold brew is steeped for an extended period, often 12-24 hours. The coarser grind prevents the brew from becoming overly bitter, resulting in a smooth and refreshing cup of cold brew.

In conclusion, the right coffee grind size is crucial to achieving the perfect cup of coffee with your chosen brewing method, be it pour-over, French press, espresso, drip coffee, or cold brew. Investing in a high-quality coffee grinder allows you to tailor your coffee grounds to suit your preferences.

Whether you're sipping from an espresso cup set or enjoying your morning brew from a coffee mug set, mastering the art of coffee brewing starts with understanding the grind. Experiment with different grind sizes to find the one that suits your taste best, and soon you'll be brewing coffee that rivals your favourite café. Cheers to the perfect cup of coffee!